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Agency Account

As an agency, you can get Timetics Agency Subscriptions, customize the platform as per your needs, and resell that subscription to other Agencies as your own platform with a White label 🏳️verification.  

🚀 Here in this documentation, you will learn how you can add an agency account to your Agency account.

1. First, Go to Timetics. And Log into your Account. A page will appear like this:

Click on ´My Account´.

2. From here, select Agency Accounts from the fields. 

4. Now, click on the ´Add Agency Account´ button, and a new pop-up form will appear. 

5. Fill in the form´s necessary fields and click on ´OK´.

6. Now, a new agency account will be created. You can activate, deactivate, and even delete agency access from this dashboard.

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