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One-to-Many Meeting

One-to-many or one-on-many meetings are meetings arranged between one host and multiple attendees. These meetings are best for having close conversations, personal meetings, or any kind of service that requires one-to-one communication.

How to Create One-to-many Meeting?

Creating one-on-many meetings is just like one-to-one meetings. However, follow the steps below to create a one-on-many meeting–  

1️⃣ Go to Meetings

2️⃣ Click on ´+Add New´

3️⃣ Select One to many.

Now, fill in all the required information, and click on ´Create Meeting´.

Once the form is filled, select ´Create Meeting´, and your meeting will be created.

From the meeting/services page, you can edit, delete, and preview all the meetings.

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