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How to Create a Meeting with Visual Seat Plan

Why use one-to-many with a seat plan?

One-to-many meetings with visual seat plans are exactly like one-to-many meetings. There will be one host, multiple invitees, and accessibility to create a visual seat plan for offline meetings

These meetings are best for interviews, restaurants, cinema halls, conferences, or any sort of service that requires one-to-many communication

How to create one-to-many meetings with a visual seat plan?

Follow the steps-

1️⃣ Select One-to-many meeting with visual seat Arrangements from the Meeting page. And a page like this will appear— 

2️⃣ Fill all the details. Add multiple types of tickets, and set various pricing as per your need.

3️⃣ Once every detail is added, select ´Create Meeting´.

Now, it´s time to change the seat decoration.

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