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Booking Questions

The booking Questions section allows users to add different necessary questions for their appointments, e.g., a hairstylist may ask their customers if they have any kind of allergies, etc. 

Here´s how you would navigate this setting:

  • Log into the Timetics admin dashboard.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Booking Questions.

Enable Guests, Number of Guests, Invitee Questions

1️⃣ Enable Guests: This allows you to set whether your customers can invite additional guests for a particular booking. You can enable or disable this setting from here.

2️⃣ Number of Guests: Set the number of guests your customers can invite to your meeting. This will automatically be set for every meeting you create from then on.

3️⃣ Invitee Questions: Add additional booking questions from here. You can edit, clone, and delete questions as well.

  1. When creating a new question, click on the edit ✏️ icon, and a new pop-up page will appear. Fill in the question field label and field type, and add a placeholder text. Click on ´Update questions´ and your question will be added.
  1. If you want to clone any complex question, click on the ´Clone´ icon, and the question will be copied. 
  2. Delete any questions whenever you change your mind. 
  3. Add as many questions as you like to your booking forms by clicking on ´+Add another question´.

Here´s a view of how your newly added question will display on a form-

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