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Seat plan from Frontend

You can see a Seat plan meeting preview, also known as the Seat plan Frontend view from the top-right corner of your Seating arrangement creating page. 

Please follow the Documentation to see how to decorate seating arrangements for meetings. 

You can preview how your changes are made, and how a user will find your visual meeting decoration by utilizing the ´Preview Meetings´ button. 

Here´s a Seat plan looks like in the frontend (or preview section)-

Once a user selects a date & time from the calendar, a new window will open like this 🔽

One can hover over tables, or seats about to know table and seat details. 

Once a seat is selected, all the costing details of this individual booking will show on the left sidebar. Users can select other seats with different costs by checking the ticket prices from the left sidebar–

Once selected, a user should fill in the necessary information details, and Click on ´Confirm Appointment ➡️´ to reserve a seat appointment. 

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