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OpenAI Integration

To integrate OpenAI with Timetics, there are barely two steps you need to follow-

  1. Generate OpenAI API Key
  2. Insert it into your Timetics account

Generating OpenAI API Key

For OpenAI integration, first, you need to sign up and sign in on the OpenAI platform from this LINK

Then, click on “+ Create new secret key” to generate a key.

Click on the ´Create secret key´ and a new key will be generated. 

Copy the API key and insert it into the Timetics settings API key field. Select ´Done´ once the key is copied.

At this point, go to Timetics OpenAI API integrations to integrate OpenAI API. Here´s how to access it-

  • Log into Timetics
  • Go to Integrations
  • Select ´Configure´ OpenAI API

Paste the API key that you have copied from the Open AI dashboard and select ´Save´ 

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